June 12, 2020

HYCU accelerates its market penetration with a CSP program

HYCU, the emerging leader in modern backup, unveils a new partner program dedicated to Cloud Services Providers (CSPs) thus accelerating the visible good traction HYCU Protégé demonstrates in that segment. This announcement was made during the recent IT Press Tour.

CSPs will promote the service as a co-branded solution for data protection, data migration and disaster recovery. It will invite users to consider and adopt a multi-cloud approach without any risk.

It represents a real new approach, more and more comprehensive, designed as a cloud-native model moving away from a point product historical technology sale. HYCU Protégé can be integrated to a more global cloud based solution to manage data and control infrastructure thanks to its flexible API.

Partners can connect to a specific portal to access technical and sales documents to improve their knowledge and services deployment capabilities. And of course, HYCU expands incentive programs and deals registration mechanism. HYCU also promotes a true cloud philosophy with a pay as you go perfectly aligned with the elasticity of the cloud. Very interesting new step for HYCU, we'll see how competition will react...

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