June 10, 2020

Unitrends more integrated with Kaseya

Unitrends, leader in mid-range data protection and member of the Kaseya product family, is now unified in the same backup portal with Spanning. Converging SaaS application backup with on-prem applications data protection means immediate cost saving and complexity reduction.

Unitrends also introduced a new conditional alert mechanism that simplifies actions. The product receives a new integration with Kaseya VSA that help MSP to control the entire backups across their customer base.

Also IT Glue can now produce all documentation related to Unitrend backup policies, status and control.

The company announced recently Helix, a learning and proactive remediation platform running in the cloud as a SaaS service connected to on-prem site to Unitrends backup appliance to check, and take actions on local mistakes and errors for VSS service. Helix is self healing service that manages and controls the data protection service and make sure the SLA about the data protection is executed correctly.


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