December 4, 2020

Atempo unveils Tina 2020

Atempo, the European leader in data protection, recently announced a new release of Tina, its flagship product dedicated to enterprise data landscape. Tina belongs to the established dinosaur group, well adopted but also at the same stirred by recent and new comers like Cohesity, HYCU, Rubrik and Veeam.

Atempo had to react and refresh Tina with several interesting features:

  • Recognized historically for its GUI and its navigation capability among backup images, the team makes a real change and offers now a new UI more aligned with current graphic practices and interfaces standards. It becomes also important for the company to harmonize UI across the product line.
  • Addition of OpenStack VM protection with an agentless method and a fine granularity to restore one item. We're surprised by this feature but it represents probably a demand from European customers. Next iteration will be with Nutanix AVH, KVM and Huawei FusionCompute. Nutanix has picked HYCU and now oems the product. We expect the company to jump rapidly in container and Kubernetes data protection like Veeam did with Kasten acquisition, Pure Storage with Portworx one or even DataCore with its investment and partnership with MayaData.
  • Beyond disk and tape, Tina supports officially now S3 as a new target and plans to add its deduplication engine, what they named in the past HyperStream, and extend topology with D2D2Cloud. It confirms the universal coverage of Tina for source and targets.
  • SaaS applications are more and more used by enterprise and the the support of Office 365 and OneDrive is a must now offered by Tina. We expect the team to support Salesforce, Workday and a few other applications from their own development or via a partnership. In that case, we really hope they will avoid toys.
  • And finally Tina exposes a REST API and support ARM environments.

We're looking for market adoption for this promising release and we'll monitor Atempo in the next few months.


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