January 28, 2021

Datameer partners with Google Cloud

Datameer, a historical leader in data manipulation, continues its product development and market penetration, this time with an official partnership with Google Cloud.

Enterprises had difficulties to leverage the cloud especially if they use complex and large data sets. They require some validated tools to enable rapidly this new cloud computing model and to maintain business attractiveness. Google as a cloud provider wishes to swallow all on-premises data and the choice of Datameer was and is an obvious pick, the company being a key recognized player in the domain. The firm was founded with the goal of facilitating big data and in particular Hadoop integration, analyze and visualization more than 10 years.

This need requires real expertise in enterprises data warehouses migration to feed Google Dataproc and BigQuery and it's delivered by Datameer Spectrum. The product supports as well AWS and Azure spanning all environments for enterprises and especially large ones.

So what is in details Datameer Spectrum?

  1. It's a super ETL data pipelining that couples various data sources and destinations, supporting multiple formats across hybrid clouds. It is as simply as a using a spreadsheet known by everyone. Data are not limited to structured format and Spectrum supports semi or unstructured ones.
  2. it operates under very secured methods with strong authentication, authorization, support of SAML and LDAP/Active Directory and also encryption.
  3. and finally it delivers its functions very fast.

Companies choosing Datameer Spectrum gains in agility obtaining faster results in their decision process aggregating all data in one large data warehouse hosted in that case within the Google Cloud.


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