February 2, 2021

OwnBackup joins the club

OwnBackup, the leader in Salesforce backup, just raised a new round of $167.5M - Series D - for a total of $267.5M. It represents a huge achievement for the company just a few months after the last round of $50M in July 2020.

With a valuation of $1.4B this round confirms the unique positioning and role of OwnBackup in the industry and invites them to the Storage Unicorn Club published twice a year by Coldago Research. The company is joining this group and will be listed in the coming report next June.

The interesting part is Salesforce continues to invest in the company and it will make sense for them to acquire the company and stop the game as others appears to be anecdotes. At the same time Sapphire Ventures is investing as well.

Now the company has to continue its development effort as users expect the solution to cover other SaaS enterprise applications.

We have met 2 times OwnBackup for The IT Press Tour and got impressed by the vision, strategy, product and directions.


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