Monday, July 19, 2021

Memento Cloud, new cloud backup leveraging P2P

Memento Cloud, a young french data protection company, unveiled recently its backup product capitalizing on P2P technologies. The project was started in 2018 by Nathan Richard in Nîmes in the south of France and the legal entity was founded in 2019. It is supported by BPI, CCI Gard and personal money for the moment.

As other similar model did, Memento Cloud unifies and aggregate free - or unused - space from different machines to store back up images. This allows to avoid or delay storage investment and capitalize on the current hardware deployed maximizing the used space ratio. This virtual target for the backup process provides redundancy and all data escaping the client machine are fully encrypted. Even if all storage machines belong to a P2P network established for a specific customer, each one can build its one secured private cloud finally and can be deployed within a corporation or on Internet.

The solution couples a software and a SaaS offering to offer a flexible model for individual, SMB and  even large companies.

The solution is sold via 2 models: Individuals and Teams for €99/year up to 10 machines and Enterprises for €239/year every 10 machines. There is still a mystery about the data volume they're able to protect but as they consider machines like workstations we can consider just a few TB per backuped machine in the group of 10.

The idea is not new as we count at least 20 P2P storage projects during the last 15 years with different trajectories due to the maturity of the solution, the target market and the business climate. Among them we can list projects that still exist like 0Chain, Aetherstore, Arweave, BlockShare from Adanam Technology, Cloudplan, Cubbit, Filebase, Filecoin, KnoxFS, Memento Cloud,, Storj Labs, Ugloo (new iteration of UbiStorage), of course IPFS as many product rely on it and also acquired or stopped ones like Aerofs (acquired by Redbooth), Kerstor (acquired), Symform (acquired by Quantum then stopped), Space monkey (acquired by Vivint), Ubistorage (stopped), Tudzu (stopped), Wuala (acquired by LaCie then Seagate then stopped), Transporter (owned by Drobo acquired by Nexsan then StorCentric now stopped), Blockade Technologies (stopped), Ubbey Tech. / Universal Labs (stopped) or Kopit (stopped).

Even if the solution is recent from a very young french company, it deserves a try.


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