Thursday, August 05, 2021

Filebase confirms its takeoff

Filebase, one of the active decentralized storage players, continues to develop its partnerships and more globally its got-to-market strategy. The company raised $2M a few months ago confirming the market interest for such models.

Filebase represents an interesting approach supporting multiple decentralized storage back-end, each of them being a solution by itself. This reinforces even further the dispersed nature of such storage philosophy.

As Filebase offers a S3 compatible API, all backup, archiving... let's say data management product can work with Filebase. It's finally just a question of validation and verification but it simply works. And it's not a surprise to see the recent announcement with Comet to offer a global integrated solution. For more information please see

The company also announced a partnership with Akash Network, a open source decentralized cloud provider, who leverages Filebase for highly resilient data storage services based on the dispersed property of the solution. For more information, please check

This initiative reminds me my project I initiated in 2009 under the name KerStor as a P2P storage environment able to be deployed on-premise or in the cloud and of course in a hybrid way. KerStor was acquired by a storage software player who continues to leverage several of our ideas. As said the P2P and decentralized storage is not new but the business climate, the cloud maturity and adoption level are very different today. We count at least 20 projects during the last 15 years with different trajectories due to the maturity of the solution, the target market and the business climate. Among them we can list projects that still exist like 0Chain, Aetherstore, Arweave, BlockShare from Adanam Technology, Cloudplan, Cubbit, Filebase, Filecoin, KnoxFS, Memento Cloud,, Storj Labs, Ugloo (new iteration of UbiStorage), of course IPFS as many product rely on it and also acquired or stopped ones like Aerofs (acquired by Redbooth), Kerstor (acquired), Symform (acquired by Quantum then stopped), Space monkey (acquired by Vivint), Ubistorage (stopped), Tudzu (stopped), Wuala (acquired by LaCie then Seagate then stopped), Transporter (owned by Drobo acquired by Nexsan then StorCentric now stopped), Blockade Technologies (stopped), Ubbey Tech. / Universal Labs (stopped) or Kopit (stopped).

We'll know more about Filebase during the IT Press Tour #42 we organize in January 2022.


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